Test Panel

This tab is to enter the assessment/test data for migrant students

There are two grids at the bottom of the panel. The right grid is the School History grid. Select the correct School History line then click on the + (insert record) button.

Name: The title or description, including a form number, if any, that identifies a particular assessment. Please pick from the list provided. Be very careful when choosing the correct Test name

Code: Click tab to move from this field since it gets automatically filled when choosing the test name

Score Results: A score of the performance of a student on an assessment.

Date: The month and year on which an assessment is administered.

Interpretation: The assessment proficiency level attributed to the Score Results. Ex. Proficient, Passed, 2-meets basic standard

IMPORTANT for In School students: If a student is not exempt or opt out from an assessment, an interpretation reflecting the proficiency level to the Score Result must be entered

The following fields are Y/N choices. We exclusively use to enter assessment information for In School students. When entering the assessment information, please choose accordingly:

Opted Out




IMPORTANT: In School students with assessment information must have Test Name, Score, Date, Interpretation, Opted Out, Present, Tested, and Exempt.

Note: If a student departed prior to the assessment, you do not need to any information regarding the assessment

The following fields are used to enter NYS Migrant Education assessments such as the Early Childhood Assessment (ECA) or the OSY Oral Language Test:



Hours since Pre-Score

IMPORTANT:For ECA, enter the Pre-Score, Post-Score and Hours since Pre-Score on the same test line. The test line must be linked to the enrollment line in which the Pre-test was done.

IMPORTANT: For OSY Oral Language Test, enter the Pre-test score in one test line linked to the enrollment line in which the Pre-Test was done. Then, enter the Post-test score in a new test line linked to the enrollment line in which the Post-test was done. Also, make sure you entered the accumulate test score into the "Score" field.