Instructional resources for ELL teachers

Help! They Don’t Speak English Kit from ESCORT: a resource guide to teachers of migrant ELLs. Can download and print individual chapters or the entire HelpKit.
Young Adults:

Understanding and meeting the needs of migrant ELLs: A Resource Guide. Can download and print individual chapters or the entire guide.

Content area instruction should be supported by ESL methodology (it may be necessary to MODIFY student work):
“The content area instructional component of ESL shall provide grade-and age-level appropriate instruction in the required content area subjects in English supported by English as a second language methodologies, employed in a systematic and structured way, and shall be designed to develop cognitive skills of LEP/ELLs.”

Application of Common Core Standards for ELLs

Directory of Spanish Instructional Materials and Resources

Promising Practices for Secondary ELLs

Art as a tool for teachers of ELLs

List of Spanish language school books publishing houses:

Suggested Spanish literature

Technology and ELLs

Literacy/ELA instruction for Elementary ELLs

Teaching Language Arts to ELLs (A Resource Guide for All Teachers)

Teaching Language Arts to ELLs (Learning Standards for ESL)

Implementing RTI with ELLs