OSY Profile

This page is exclusively for OSY. This is the screen where you enter the information collected through the OSY Student Profile.

NOTE: Every OSY student (including D+ and DOs) need to have a profile.

There are two grids at the bottom of the panel. The right grid is the School History grid. To enter a new profile, select the correct School History line then click on the + (insert record) button. NOTE: You can only add one profile per enrollment line.

The page is divided into 2 tabs: Student Info and Categories.

The fields MEP Program, COE number, Address, Phone number and Last Grade attended are populated based on the information entered on the most recent COE.

Enter the information according to what the migrant educator collected. When done with the fields on the "Student Info" tab, continue to the "Categories: tab.

Please remember that we need to complete an OSY Student Profile for every performance period that a student was present in NY. Example: A student moved to Naples NY on 7/30/15 and a OSY Profile was completed on 8/30/15. If the student was still present on the area on 9/1/15, we need to enter a profile for the new performance period (09/01/15).

Printing Out Of School Youth Profiles:

Go to Reports/Snap Report and select OSY Student Profile.
Choose any of the provided filters and check that the Start Date and End Date are correct (Example: 09/01/15-08/31/16).
Click "Run Report"

If you want to print only the profiles of the students missing the OSY Profile, add the following filter:
OSYStuProfile.PROFILE_DATE is null