AREA: Fluency

Fluency Activities

These activities support students' oral reading fluency. An assessment that can identify a student's need for this skill is easyCBM: Passage Reading Fluency.

Echo Reading - ANY text can be used for Echo Reading.

  1. During Echo Reading: The teacher reads aloud a line of text. The student reads the same line. The teacher and student takes turns reading and rereading the same lines. When the student reads more fluently, student reads aloud on his/her own. After echo reading, student practices - see repeated reading.
  2. After Echo Reading have student practice with Repeated Reading.

Repeated Reading: ANY text can be used for Repeated Reading.

  1. During repeated reading, a student reads a passage aloud at least three times. Teacher selects a passage of about 50 to 200 words in length. (PASSAGE: not too easy and not too hard!) If the student misreads a word or hesitates for longer than 3 seconds, the teacher reads the word aloud, and the student repeats the word. If the student requests help with a word, the teacher reads the word aloud. The student rereads the passage until he or she achieves a satisfactory fluency level (REMINDER: no more than 3-4 times).

Children's Poetry - For all students, visit the poetry foundation website to access free children's poetry. Poems are perfect for repeated reading.

The following activities are from the Florida Center for Reading Research:

  1. Fluent Reflections - This tool helps students self-evaluate their reading fluency.

The following activity is used on-line at

  1. For students in grades K-2, visit this website to locate reading materials for practice and use the interactive tool. You will need to enable adobe flash player.
    • Click on Level 3 or 4.
      Level 4 - I'm Reading
    • Then, select from poetry, folk tales, etc. Students can practice reading or click to hear the passage read.