AREA: High Frequency Words

High Frequency Word Activities

These activities support the student’s early reading and spelling skills. An assessment that can identify a student’s need for this skill is easyCBM Word Reading Fluency.

The following activities are from the Florida Center for Reading Research:

  1. Word Crazy - Select pages or words to print from list of high-frequency words found.

SUGGESTION: Select 10 words (3 known words, 4 words still learning, and 3 unknown words). Write words on index cards to include on a word ring or in an envelope/plastic baggie. Student writes his/her own sentence on the back of the card. Student highlights or circles the word within the sentence. Have student hear the word, say the word, read the word, write the word, and practice the word in sentences.


***For students learning English, begin with high frequency NOUNS and use pictures or objects to teach the nouns:

Word Searches: Student can locate these high frequency words while reading any text (A-Z readers, poetry). Read the passage first, and then return to search for high frequency words in context. The student will learn how these words are used in context.

Word Study Notebook: Include new words in a personal word study notebook. The student can add words to the notebook as he/she encounters the words during reading. (See example.)

Green One Family
Blue Two Girl
Black Three Mother