Conference Workshop – Math: Data Driven Instruction

Knowing what your students know, and what they need to know, is key to providing targeted interventions. Suzanne Fox developed a pre-conference power point that walked participants through the process of using the easyCBM item analysis to identify areas in the CCSSM they will need to focus on with their students. Building from these targeted areas, she will focus on the three aspects of math that will be a component of most tutoring: math models, vocabulary, and algorithms. This workshop, work session, will provide participants with strategies and resources to meet the needs of their students now.

    Workshop Objectives
  1. I understand the three major Common Core Math Shifts and how they shape math instruction and learning
  2. I can use the reports of the easyCBM to determine areas in need of support for my students
  3. I can find specific material to assist in math instruction based on the benchmark tests and results of my students

Downloadable resources listed below