Conference Workshop - ELA: Data Driven Instruction

Kathleen Lord will build on the three areas of early reading skills introduced in the pre-conference workshop material: alphabet and phonics, passage reading fluency, and phonological awareness. The workshop will be an interactive mix of presentation, video and application activities. Educators will leave with strategies to respond to the needs their students exhibited in the easyCBM assessments, as well as an increased understanding of how the data drawn from easyCBM can be used to inform instruction.

    Workshop Objectives
  1. Interpret the results of easyCBM assessments to inform instruction
  2. Administer diagnostic phonics assessments to inform instruction
  3. Implement instructional practices based on student assessment data in the areas of (1) phonological awareness, (2) phonics, (3) sight words, and (4) fluency
  4. Determine home practice activities to support instruction

Downloadable resources listed below