Motivational Interviewing: Exploring Skills for Evoking Change Talk - Adolescents and OSY

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a conversation style and “way of being” that gently guides people towards a change that is important to them. MI is an approach that has common principles with Trauma Responsive Practices. When we are listening and engaging with people, we are building relationships; on the other hand, we may not be supporting change. Cheryl will begin by exploring ambivalence and the concepts of sustain talk and change talk. Grounded in the expertise of those who are working with migrant adolescents and out-of-school-youth, participants will focus on building strategies for evoking and responding to change talk in a way that supports student centered growth and change.

    Workshop Objectives
  1. Explore the universal nature of ambivalence
  2. Explore sustain talk
  3. Explore change talk
  4. Begin to develop strategies for evoking sustain talk

Downloadable resources listed below
The PowerPoint for both sessions was the same, as were the handouts. The processing for each focused on in-school adolescents or out-of-school-youth.