NYS Consortium Procedures and Guidance

This section will record the decisions made at Consortium regarding MEOP procedures and guidance.

Student Record Forms with Instructions for School Year, Summer, and Timelines

We have been working on the summary, intake record forms, records, and produced those listed below.

Continuation of Services

Extended Service – A student may be served beyond the Eligibility Expiration Date if either of the following situations apply:

4th Year Continuation - A child’s eligibility ends and the agency provides services for an additional school year because comparable services are not available through other programs (see section 1304(e)(2)of the NRGs)

Clarification for a students whose eligibility expires during the school year - If a child loses eligiblity during the school year they could be served for an additional school year including the following summer.

Clarification for a students whose eligibility expires in summer - If a child loses eligiblity during the summer they could be served for an additional school year excluding the summer.

Credit Accrual – student continues to receive assistance in order to enable graduation from high school. A local operating agency continues to serve secondary school students who were eligible for services in secondary school through credit accrual programs until they graduate (see section 1304(e)(3) of the NRGs). Clarification - An eighth grade student is considered to be a ninth grade student on July 1st due to promotion. As ninth grade students they can get assistance until they graduate. In cases where their promotion to ninth grade is conditional meeting certain conditions before September 1st and they fail to meet those conditions they won't be eligible for continued assistance.

[Note: Before the agency provides services under these provisions, it should consider whether the child’s unmet special educational needs are addressed by the general school program and whether migrant children who have a priority for services have already been served.]

Eligibility for Free and Reduced Lunch

proposed_change - adding this procedure

At the beginning of each year the MEOPs should send each school district a list of currently eligible migrant students with the director's signature.

Link to law covering this http://tinyurl.com/6hvoqs

Currently eligible migrant students are categorically eligible for free lunch and breakfast without completing the application.

Students who receive migrant services through (Continuation of Services) are not categorically eligible for free lunch and breakfast. They may qualify by completing the application.

Eligibility for Service after Individual Education Plan (IEP) Diploma

At the consortium meeting held in Albany on December 2-4, 2009

You can continue to serve and receive funding for these children after they receive this type of diploma. When entering the grade of these students use UG.

Eligibility of Migrant Students with a Mexican High School Degree

If a migrant student graduates with a high school degree from Mexico are they allowed to be served by the migrant education program in New York State? Would school district serve them? Is the degree the equivalent of a New York diploma? If a student has an IEP this is really not a diploma - so we should be able to work with those students.

According to the NRGs a migrant student is eligible for the Migrant Education Program if he/she is younger than 22 years of age; has not graduated from a high school in the state; or does not hold a high school education certificate.

Face to Face Instructional Materials

As of the summer of 2007, a new supplemental program code (047), will be utilized to record MEOP face to face provision of instructional materials.

Monitoring As A Service Delivery Model, Defined

Monitoring - When a student doesn't need extra academic help or when student's/tutor's schedule doesn't allow extra academic help. Minimum monitoring requirements are listed below.

-Preschool - Three contacts at home/program. (One must be in the home)
-School Age - A minimum of one home visit to the child's home, quarterly visits to the school to review report cards, attendance and general school progress.
- Out-of-School Youth/Drop Out - A minimum of one visit a year by the MEOP to determine if any services need to be provided.

Priority for Service (PFS)

In the NYS Migrant Education Program only in school students (grades K - 12 or UG) can be classified Priority for Service (PFS).

In order for a student to be considered Priority for Service in the current academic year they must have both an educational interruption and one of the risk factors from the list below.

Education Interrupted during school year - Calculating from September 1 of the current academic year students who in the preceding 12 months changed school buildings or missed significant amount of school time (10 days or more) during the regular school year (usually defined as September through June) due to the student's family's lifestyle will be considered to have had their Education Interrupted.

This status is in effect until for the following September 1 when they will be reevaluated.

Risk Factors

Retention - student is repeating the same grade as last year. Students going from pre-First to First or DK to K are considered to be retained

Credit Deficient - student in grades 9-12 who is lacking the sufficient appropriate/required credits to graduate should be considered Credit Deficient. As of May 2012 these are: 4.25 credits at the end of 9th, 10.5 credits at the end of 10th, 16.75 credits at the end of 11th, 22.5 credits to graduate.

Failed State Tests - If a student has failed a state test in the previous year this should be checked.

Below modal grade - student is not age/grade appropriate for instance, (with the exception of September - December birthdays) when entering school in September
* 1st graders should be 6
* 2nd graders should be 7
* And so on.

Low Academic Grades - children who have low academic grades, ie

  • K-6 - Any migrant child scoring less than a 3 on a 4 point rubric, C, S-, unhappy face, 75 or equivalent in any marking period in any core subject will be considered to have low grades.
  • 7-12 - Any migrant child scoring below 75 in any marking period in any credit bearing class will be considered to have low grades.

English Language Learner (ELL) - student has Limited English Proficiency as determined by the school district.

Recording Grade Promotion

In order to report migrant children accurately by grade we will not promote on MIS2000 until academic year enrollments in the fall. (9/1/xxxx)

Proposed_Change - ADD THE FOLLOWING

except for students who drop out during the school year and pre-school children who become P3 during the summer.

School Notification of Migrant Status for NYS Assessments

proposed_change - adding the following

Each fall the MEOPs may provide their school districts with a list of eligible migrant students including those being served through Continuation of Services. This will enable the school districts to flag migrant students on all NYS assessments. This will enable the NYSED to disaggregate migrant student data.

Summer Bag Distribution - Funding and Recording

The summer of 2006 was the last year that recruiter summer bag distribution was allowed to be counted for summer funding for MEOPs. This was not recorded in CSPR parts 1 and 2 submitted December 1st, 2006 and April 1st, 2007.

For the summer of 2007 recruiter summer bag distribution will not be counted for funding.