Responsibilities of the School under CR Part 154

Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies FAQ (includes Testing Accommodations)

Sections of CR Part 154

Schools are required to provide in-service training to staff working with ELLs:

Former ELLs who have tested out of ESL need transition services for one year:

School must provide orientation to parents of new ELLs:

School must inform parents of ESL program and meet with parents of ELLs at least twice a year:

School should send info to parents in the language they understand:
CR Part 154.3.b (no direct link)

School may need to provide support services in native language; home visits, counseling, etc. may be appropriate:
Part 154.3.h (no direct link)

Memo clarifying policy on ELLs with disabilities:

Required units of study (ESL minutes)